Miniature Letter Bookshelf


$40.00 per person



About this experience

Let's face it - everything is cuter when it's mini! And that's especially true of these mini letter bookshelves with books and other mini-items. The bookshelf measures approx 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide (they will vary depending on the letter). In addition to faux books, each bookshelf can be decorated to your liking with a variety of embellishments such as a plant, wine bottle, coffee cup, mushroom, flowers and custom minis of your choice. You will also receive 1 mini book with blank pages. We will create these mini bookshelves and books during class or you can purchase a DIY kit that will include everything you need to do this at home. I will need some information from you to help you create your own custom mini.

  1. What letter would you like?  
  2. Choose a quote you would like engraved on your bookshelf: 
    a. Book Nerd
    b. Read. It's Good for the Soul
    c. The world belongs to those who read
    d. I will go to bed at finish-the-book o'clock
    e. I can't. I'm reading.
  3. Provide 3-6 keywords of things that you like or enjoy. (As an example if I was creating this mini for myself, my keywords would be dog(s), travel, crafting, tea, Hippie Bus, and family. I cannot guarantee that I will have minis for each keyword provided, but I will do my best to have at least 3 for you to add to your letter.

Ages 16+

Registration closes 7/10 at 1 pm to allow the artist adequate time to prepare custom pieces. Late registrations cannot be accepted. 

Your Host

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My name is Robin and I own Crafts by Robin's Nest. I am a local artisan who loves to be creative by designing and making unique handmade items.