Vendor FAQ

Q: What happens after my vendor application is completed?

A: You will be contacted by personal call or email when a space becomes available for your specific product category. We will discuss your available booth options and our vendor contract. We are working hard to provide as little product overlap as possible to give our clients a well-rounded shopping experience and our vendors the best selling experience possible. 

Q: How long does it take for my vendor application to be reviewed?

A: If your product is an excellent fit for our mercantile, we will reach out as soon as we have an appropriate opening available. This could be immediately, but could also be several months from now due to demand. 

Q: Which spaces are currently available?

A: Spaces are changing regularly and each space is designed for a specific type of product. We work hard to ensure as little overlap as possible. All vendor spaces are carefully, and thoughtfully curated to ensure the best experience for both buyers and sellers.

Q: How much does a space cost?

A: Our vendors pay a monthly rental fee based on shelf or booth size as well as location within the store. Pricing ranges from $20 to $140 per month. Once we've reviewed a vendor's application and set up a follow-up appointment, we will disclose pricing and available booth options.

Q: Does the store keep a commission in addition to the booth rental fee?

A: We do charge a commission in addition to monthly rent to pay for things like credit card processing, marketing, advertising, general cleaning, and maintenance.

Q: How long is the vendor contract?

A: The initial commitment is 6-months and then continues on a month to month basis.